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Greene Pipe Organ Company, LLC is now accepting new clients for regular pipe organ maintenance.

Philosophy Ė Permanence

A churchís pipe organ is a uniquely permanent item in a world that is predominated with disposable goods. Built or adapted specifically for its home, a pipe organ is an asset such as the church building itself, that with appropriate care, will last generations. Itís a special privilege to care for instruments that I expect to outlive me, to maintain and preserve instruments for future generations. With this privilege comes the responsibility to use the utmost care in my work, using proven materials and techniques that will last decades so as not to burden the next generation with repairs that need to be prematurely repeated.

Regular organ maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential for an organ to function reliably and beautifully. As an organist, I understand the importance of having an instrument that is in tune and mechanically reliable. In most church circumstances, two service visits a year are appropriate for addressing the seasonal changes of temperature and humidity. However, the unique nature of each organ, each organís building, expectations of church and organist, and the budget available frequently require a custom solution. Iím pleased to work with churches and organizations to find a maintenance schedule that suits their particular situation.

Customer service

Committed to excellence in customer service, I promise to be responsive to communication, responding to e-mails, phone calls, and text messages in a timely manner. I coordinate service work with your church office, sending reminders about scheduled service and heating requirements.

Focused purpose

My company is intentionally small, maintaining an appropriately sized, specialized workshop for the purpose of accomplishing the majority of maintenance, repairs, restorations, tonal revisions, and modest additions without unnecessary overhead. Larger projects, such as substantial organ additions and new organs, can be undertaken through collaboration with my network of trusted organbuilders and other subcontractors.


Since 2005, Iíve been working on pipe organs, working with the Muller Pipe Organ Company the Noack Organ Company, and Nickerson Pipe Organ Service. Iím comfortable with servicing the wide variety of pipe organs one encounters, including electropneumatic, direct electric, and mechanical action instruments.

Long term care of organs

The best organ service is provided by the long term care of a single, qualified service company. In this situation, the serviceperson learns the intricacies and nuances of each instrument and how best to keep the organ sounding and functioning to its full potential. I hope you already have a longstanding relationship with a trusted serviceperson. However, as circumstances change or if needs are not being met, please consider the Greene Pipe Organ Company to maintain your organ through this next chapter of its life.